26 MAR 2015 :: Moving forward...

It seems pointless to go back and add to yesterday's blog post, so I will just continue on.  I don't know how much I have to say, or how I will organize my many opinions  :-) , but I am sure that will develop as the days pass...

I am planning to do something like a "zine" to sell on Etsy or somewhere... I have been trying to focus my writing energies in that direction... I understand they are about 16 page booklet-like things.  I am trying to figure out a maximum of 5 printed pages, which would become a 20-page booklet.  I am aware that one first-class stamp works with that maximum when you use light paper... I hope that will be the case when I get my first sample done and check it out.  :-)  

I have also decided to make my writings and other efforts into some kind of stationery that would be available online.  I haven't figured out e-cards yet, but I will in time... and am looking for a way people can write letters in online formats with stationery I create... don't have any idea yet if that is possible.  A regular PDF is going to happen first.  It is a wonderful thing to get regular snail mail...  I haven't liked the birthday events I have seen on Facebook... and wonder if they get any real cards in the mail. 

I did find a nice greeting card / address book thing at the thrift store... I will begin to collect the addresses for these events and someday be organized enough not to forget them.  :-) 

I also have my collection of picture frames ready to clean up and make artworks for ...  finally.  It all seems to be such a long process because there are so many other issues to deal with.  I do hope I live long enough to see the fruits of my ongoing labors!  :-)

I will try to do something for my crafts blog today... I am thinking I can add links to other blog efforts here, so that means a WT blog post every day, and the others as they come up.  This will have to be the primary focus for now, I think.  It seems like a good way to deal with this question.  We'll try it and see.

The crafts blog is at   http://crafts-explored.blogspot.com

I hope you will check on it later and see what I came up with!  :-)

In Christ,
Deb   <3 p="">
(I'm just learning how to do those text shapes... isn't that great... I have to get the fish ones down.  :-)