25 MAR 2015 :: Budgets and Goals and Changing Situations

I was able to go to my Wednesday sale at the Salvation Army today... 50% off everything in the store makes it part of my budget.  I go as often as my money will allow, and in normal times that is usually once a month.  Now that I am receiving early retirement funds from Social Security, I am able to explore the "white elephants" ( I think that's what they are called... ) of other people.  It is great to see what other people once owned, and I love trying to figure out what something is when it's something I have never seen before.

Today I found a small little crepe making pan... and I had to go over my planned budget of $10 just to buy it... after the discount, it cost me about $2.25.  It kept "calling to me" because I have been wanting to try crepes more, and it is just the right size.  It's real name is "Crepe Magician" and it is  made by Popeil.  I think it is old.  It looks old.  It also looks cared for. So, I am hoping it will make great crepes when I find a good recipe for them.

I discovered a number of great items that made my heart glad.  It is my version of a big shopping day.  I spent a total of $13.64 --  and had enough left of my $20 to get household items like shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Unfortunately, the day was too hard on my body.  Right now I am not able to continue writing. I will try to finish this post in the morning, and get my Thursday post done then... maybe on Crafts.  I am changing to a Monday through Thursday blogging schedule... just haven't figured out what to do about my many topic goals.

See you then.  Deb