25 MAY 2015 :: Memorial Day

Memorial Day is, I understand, a holiday to remember the soldiers that have died in our military forces.  I was on my Facebook page earlier and saw quite a few posts about past and current military issues, including a trailer for a movie coming out on July 1st this year. I think it was by PURE FLIX, but can't recall exactly. I remember seeing that as part of the trailer.

Jordan Seckulow had one with video showing the attack on Pearl Harbor... it is like seeing the Twin Towers smoke.  I grew up with these things being shown in History classes.  I don't know what they teach now, but I have heard many of the details of History have been "modified" to be "politically correct."  :-(  NOT a good thing.

One post I noticed that I, too, had never heard of or seen before was about a ceiling display with all the dog tags of those who died in the Vietnam War (Conflict).  The movie I mentioned earlier is about a son trying to find out about his father, who died in the war.  I actually view a lot of post videos without the volume on, so I am basing that perspective on what I saw.

War is never a good thing, and we all want to live peacefully, but that isn't always possible.  There are bad people who live in our world, and when they run a country, it becomes a global issue.  The only reason America is a global power is because of the strength of our military... it also causes problems when everyone thinks we need to commit our resources to every battle that happens.  We can't do that, we don't have the money or the reason.  I am expecting that global battles will one day be handled by a global government with police, military, and courts that will have jurisdiction at the global level.  How else would we be able to stop terrorism and crime at that level, and which crosses national borders because of the internet?

Technology is going to be the weapon of the future.  Unmanned battle vehicles are becoming the norm.  Weapons are becoming so precise that few deaths even occur.  (Compare the deaths of any recent conflicts, including in the Mideast...countries with greater technology and weapons are also suffering less military deaths.  Terrorist rely on violence and mayhem...and look for large death tolls.)

I remember that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor by flying "under" the radar, below the point that they could be detected.  It will always be the same in wars :: one group will look for the weaknesses of their enemies and try to overcome them through that weakness.  In one of my blogs, I shared the list of priorities that the Communists (maybe it was China) had in their effort to overcome their enemies, small and large.  It was a very frightening display of how they focus on the weak and wait to overcome the strong opponents.  I guess it would be like wolves following a herd and looking for the easiest target...then focusing on that.

No one knows when the next global war will take place, but we can see the power struggles happening as we all begin to develop technologically.  Iran and North Korea, and others, are dangerous because they aren't interested in freedoms.  They want to overcome their enemies, they want to be in charge, they don't care who gets killed.  These leaders don't want to build up their citizens, they want to gather to themselves as much wealth as they can.  Morality in this kind of structure isn't based on the Bible, or goodness, or equality, it is based on selfish greed.

I hope America is able to stay a Christian country as long as possible.  Once our morality is gone, we will be just like our enemies.