26 MAY 2015 :: Things that can't be avoided.

I am still working to find out my health issues, and do the best I can in the midst of them. 

In my new encounters with the local senior center, I am looking at other elderly people in a different way, wondering what health issues they have and how they cope with them. 
  • Are they in hidden pain? 
  • Do they stay home because they are too ill to go out? 
  • Is there anything that can change what our body tells us we can't do? 
  • Is the future a daily wait for that final day when we meet GOD?
  • Will we all be forced to die because we cost too much to be kept alive?
Who thinks of these things when nothing is wrong?  No one, I am sure.  :-)   We are too busy with other things.

When I started using one of those weekly pill dispensers, I called it my first one. I was taking vitamins with it.  I recently received a new one when picked up my medicine refills... I call it the GIANT version... and I suppose there will be a COLOSSAL size.  I don't know if I like that idea.

I have come to realize that health problems can't be avoided at this point in my life.  I can try to make my health as good as it can be, but I can't make all my health problems disappear.  Becoming more and more sedentary, my weight increasing to a place I don't like it to be, not being able to go to doctors, not being able to work, not looking like I had these problems to cope with, and all the general issues that go with decreasing health.  It has been quite a difficult time for me.  I am sure it is similar to the changes that age brings to every life.

I have missed my healthy days... being able to walk long distances, ride a bike, carry my groceries without thinking I am going to have a heart attack.  I keep trying to revive my past, but haven't discovered the path there yet.  I'm still looking for the best foods I can afford, the best exercise I can accomplish.  I dream I will one day be thin again.  :-)

It isn't so bad getting older in years... I just hate this new challenge to be as healthy as I can be when my body isn't working as good as I want it to.