22 JUNE 2015 :: Another week is here, JUNE is almost over.

The days go by so fast...  I never get everything done!  

This is my last week for my housing class.  I have been working on my class assignments today, trying to get it all done by tomorrow or Thursday.

I discovered that Etsy is doing a crowdfunding PILOT PROGRAM with a selected group of participants.  It will last from 16 JUNE to 15 AUGUST.... so don't wait too long to see what they are experimenting with.  :-)   If you want to make your own comments, you have to go to the forum pages and search for "crowdfunding" or something related to it.  Mine is on page 17 of the announcement.  :-)   I am already thinking of a project to post!!!!   :-)

My weekend wasn't too good... I was ill most of it, had to rest a lot, but managed to do those low-physical-activity things, like checking online... posting to my Twitter crowdfunding campaign... etc.
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  • My crowdfunding focus is a GIFT gig there.
  • The minimum is $5, but you can add gig extras and get a mention on my Twitter page.  :-)  
  • I have a THANK YOU extra with a signed postcard.
  • If you'd rather support me at ETSY, go to  work2gather.etsy.com and purchase something there. 
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I still have to do some Twitter posts for today.  I have started putting the DAY## at the start of my campaign posts.  I like it better.  I am collecting my messages to study later and decide which ones to do again at some point.  Only eight (8) more days for my JUNE campaign after today.  And no sales. No questions. No comments. No response of any kind.  Strange, huh.  It's been a problem since about 1987, when I started Working Together.

If I didn't think GOD was greater than my enemies, I would be crazy or probably be dead by now. 
I am glad that I know GOD, am saved, and trust that everything happens for His reasons. 
Our purpose on this earth is not always measured in money. 
GOD accomplishes His Will in many different ways... all you have to do is read the Bible to see that.  I do hope that I am able to see His provisions for WT soon, before I die, but I don't know if that will happen. 

Please PRAY for my life, my work, my sons, and all that is needed to reach the Body of Christ with the resources they will want for themselves or those they love.          Thanks.