18 JUNE 2015 :: Moving toward the future

One more week for my housing classes....

I mailed off one letter to the management company that handled the apartment I was evicted from.  I am trying to get an update on my status, to find out why they didn't respond to my past efforts to contact them, and to see if I would be eligible for some subsidized units they handle.  :-)  It doesn't hurt to ask, right?

I have some other letters to write and mail as soon as possible, too.  This weekend I want to try some of the online applications and check on some websites just to see what is available, what the costs are, what the qualifications are, and anything else I can find that will help me see one or more solutions.

I don't know whether I will "qualify" for the Certificate by the last class... references are one of the requirements.  I may take the class again, at another location, to see if it is any different.  That would give me enough time to get all the pieces together. 

I wonder if I would get double the benefits.....  :-)

The Salvation Army Senior Center I have been going to while I take this class had their monthly Rummage Sale to day.  I had to break my budget this month to go to the regular Salvation Army Sale Day yesterday (looking for clothes, but you know what happens once you get there!) and then to the Rummage Sale today (because it only happens once a month). What is the financial damage to my budget?  About $10 for the Salvation Army Sale and $5 for the Senior Center.  Not much in dollars, but it messes up my planned budget...and that makes a problem for next month's budget.

I am getting better at figuring out what to include and how to keep from spending what I need to save. I get better every month because I discover ways to improve my situation.  In the future I will just have to include these sales or not go.  If I don't do something else in my plans, if I go without something that is already in the budget, then I can go to these sales without causing any financial problems in my budget.

I have less than $400 a month to do all that I need to do.  Ten dollars can be a big expense when there are other things that are more important...including the desire to save for the future I have left.

One of the articles I was reading from fiverr.com (I think that is where it was from) said the most important two hours of the workday are from 10am to noon...and that those are the hours most people send their emails, and other communications.  (I thought about Twitter...  maybe I should try to post those hours!)  My emails have the arrival times so I will have to look at them and compare the article to the ones I get.

It also shared the reality that everyone has too many things to get done in their day... I am not alone!

I am getting my plans organized. 
  • I printed off my listings at work2gather.etsy.com so I can make them better, get the text right, take and upload better photos, add more listings, etc. 
  • I am getting my lists into my wallet so they will always be handy (not forgotten at home). 
  • I am reducing my food portions so I can eat better and get skinny again... hopefully... because I am also working on my exercising plans.
  • I bought some of the food storage jars I have been wanting for my pantry supplies and will try to get them filled for emergencies.
  • I have decided to focus on ARTWORKS  F I R S T  because I have enough art paper already, enough paints, enough picture frames to put them into, and I need to make more space for future plans-in-progress. 
Make sure you watch my etsy store for my new works... by next week I hope.  Time always gets away from me so I need to allow more space for my claims.  :-)     Making definite timed plans are always a challenge for me.  Something always comes up, I get distracted, or something.  For several years now, I have been trying to figure out good SMART goals for myself.  I always get derailed by the time limitations.  I keep moving in that direction, I just don't get there as fast as I would like to.

I hope you do better than me.