19 AUG 2014 :: Learning to sell online

This morning I discovered EtsyOnSale.com while I was at my Etsy.com/shop/work2gather to see how it was doing. I haven't sold anything yet, but my listings need to get enlarged and more expensive (more time consuming and better). I was trying to figure out how they put things on sale when I discovered this option on a forum page. I will see how it goes. 

I decided to put my little art works on sale for 50% starting on the 21st and going through the 31st. I want to do more art, so I just put the starting listing up for sale.

Creating things to sell takes time...and I don't have a lot of that. I get challenged by my health issues and money issues and time issues and space issues. This is why I am working on my SMART GOALS, to sort through all this.  :-)

I have been exploring several selling sites and think Etsy will be a good investment in my time. It offers a lot of opportunity for little initial expense. It only costs 20 cents for a four month listing...and you can list 1 item or 999 items. When there are multiple items for one listing, the 20 cent charge happens after you sell one and it is automatically updated for the next one.

I am working out a schedule for the draft listings, which never expire, and that means I can list my Christmas or other holiday items as soon as I finish them and then post them at the right time. I am trying to sell unique collectible Christmas Ornaments every year during October and November, and regular Christmas stuff all three months (Oct to Dec). This year is a learning curve, but I hope to get it all organized by Dec so 2015 will work out right.

I want to focus on a few major events that are important to me, like Valentine's Day, Resurrection Sunday, Earth Day, 4th of July, and Christmas. Other holidays are secondary. Ongoing crafts will fit in anywhere. This is the plan...now I have to work out the process.

All of this is only going to happen if GOD provides some needed things.  Pray He does.  Thanks.