9 OCT 2014 :: Thursday review

Another early post...good for me!  :-)   I'm actually trying to evolve toward a morning routine, but it doesn't seem to work as well. I like to review the day, the events that have happened, etc. That doesn't work well for mornings...for me, anyway.

Another Thursday has arrived!  I am very happy to have made it this far.  It looks like I am ending week 9 today.  :-)   With all my goal development activities, this is going to become a great process to watch. I can probably do this until I leave this earth...we hope that won't be for a long time, but we never know.

Developing an organized way to list and achieve my goals and needed activities is a big challenge for me, but it is becoming a reality. I develop my own forms and will share them once I get them to a better place. I think I have created a really good GOAL form, but I have to use it with some of the things I am trying to accomplish. If it works good, I will probably offer it to the public at some level.

I found a larger notebook to use and will try it out. Notebook dividers are becoming my best friend. :-)  And I am designing other products to sell as I create my own process. 2015 looks better and better...I just have to get through tomorrow, and October, and then through to February, when my retirement income will start and I can budget for maximum results.  PRAY for me...please!

Social media is still a challenge. If I had the money, I would create a better combination for myself and Working Together members. There are several web options I would love to develop, but can't focus on myself. I would rather invest in them and earn income that way.  I hope I get to that point soon. I don't need to own everything, but I do need to be the sole owner of Working Together so I can pass it on the someone who will take care of GOD's people.  It's hard to find that person right now.

My website still needs to be updated and revised. I continue to pray about it. I don't have a good answer from GOD yet, so I am waiting. This is hard. I want to "get it done!"  As I develop my Etsy options, and other personal sales venues, I am also thinking about how to make the website reflect the new focus.  I generally do a review of everything at the end of each year, so my goal is to get it all brought up to date for 2015.  I'm working on new prices, PayPal links, changing the homepage design, better descriptions, and updating my Spiritual Resource page...probably a lot more, too.

In the midst of my long struggle, and all the conflicts between the LGBT community and Christians, the topic of "hate crimes" always seems to come up. I have discovered what some call "activism" is pretty close to a hate crime in my eyes, and sometimes it crosses the line. In the middle of all this struggle, I decided a good definition of a hate crime between Christians and LGBT supporters could be :: "if someone purposely affects another person's life in a negative way, simply because they disagree with their views," it could be called a hate crime. I have never thought of doing some of the things I have seen happening or personally experienced...I doubt any Christian would. I also don't think the label is negated if there is no obvious proof. In my heart, I would be committing a hate crime if I did anything to another person because they held a different opinion, be it LGBT, Black, Mexican, Asian, White, Christian, Atheist, etc.

The Bible tells us what the End Times will become. My personal challenge is to figure out how to protect Christians as it becomes a reality.