11 FEB 2015 :: The future is getting better.

This week I have been sorting through my GOALS notebook after leaving it alone since I ran out of ink for my printer at the end of last year.  I was able to revise and update several of my goal-oriented forms, including one for planning my blogs.  In the process, I made headings for each weekday, and quickly filled in Crafts Explored for Fridays.  I have been struggling to decide what to do about my WT topics, but finally sorted through and made this schedule:

  • Mondays  ::  WT Program Reviews  (Catching up with WT programs and events, the weekend, and plans for the week ahead.)
  • Tuesdays  ::  WT - Basic Needs  (food, shelter, finances, etc.)
  • Wednesdays  ::  WT - Prisons
  • Thursdays  ::  WT - Politics
  • Fridays  ::  Crafts Explored
Once I get my newly printed Blog Planning form filled in for January and February, I will be able to start working on topics to write about in the future.  Once I have some good topics, I will be able to gather more information for writing about them.  It is good to get organized, to see a path you can walk, and find a way to achieve your goals.

In the quest for saving time and deciding what information is the most important to keep track of, I changed my daily record form into a weekly format.  It will reduce the need to print as many pages and reduce what I keep track of.  We'll see how it works out.  :-)  I like to keep details for referencing... and there isn't much room for a lot of details on a weekly sheet.  So many things happen in a day and they seem to blur as they pass. Having a record to refer to helps me remember when something was done, was mailed, or happened.

My Pantry List is also being updated but it is going through a major overhaul.  This is a really hard project. I've been working on finding a one page solution to this need for several years.  My challenge is limiting the entries to things I really use without duplicating or forgetting anything.  Food comes in several forms (fresh, dried, canned, packaged, frozen...), which complicates the process.

Food is such a critical necessity...and in poverty households, keeping track of it helps you to save money.  Wasted food is wasted money.  It helps in planning meals, in deciding what you need to buy, and in stocking up for the future so you aren't left without anything.  In time, I hope to work out meals to go with the Pantry List.

I'm getting really excited as I sort through all this and look forward to having even a small amount of money to work with.  GOD has to deal with other issues, but I am always hoping today will be the day, or tomorrow, or the next day, or....

In another matter, I discovered the lottery was over 500 million dollars later today.  I decided to walk to the local convenience store and invest $2 in one ticket...  I may not win, but you can't win if you don't have a ticket.  :-)   I am always hoping GOD will provide for me and WT some way...  my history doesn't allow many options and  I haven't been able to sell enough online to cover the need.  I don't know if buying one ticket now and then is gambling...but it seems to be the only financial option for me.  If GOD wants to bless us (WT and me), one ticket is all I will need.

May GOD provide for WT so WT can provide for others.  Amen.