17 JUNE 2015 :: Criminal History

Continuing my saga about my housing class...  I went to get my required Criminal and Civil records at the local county courthouse today.  Prior to this class, I had no idea that it was possible to locate all these records about myself and others.  I am already trying to decide how to incorporate OJIN (Oregon Judicial Case Information Network) into Working Together programs, for employment, prison programs, housing, and other planned activities. I added the link to OJIN so you can check it out for yourself.  Everyone else will have this information about you.

I didn't go online to gather the files myself. I received them from the human person behind the counter.  I don't know what my file says yet... I haven't been able to get to it.  All I know is what I was told :: that I didn't have a criminal history or any civil court historical records attached to my identification information.  The counter person also added that there are many records under my (very generic) name that could be mistaken for me. -- I think that is how it was explained.  I am going to examine the papers I was given as soon as I can.  I don't know what I will find.

When I went to the courthouse I had to go through the security system.  I haven't done this in years, seriously.  It won't be part of the information gathering process when everything gets online, and that will be a benefit. 

I have taken to getting around with a small wheeled cart for shopping. Mine holds two separate paper grocery bags that I put into doubled plastic kitchen trash can sized bags.  These help protect my things from dirt, rain, and other things that I may have to walk through.  I forgot about going through the security station with my cart.  It gave me a small view into what it must be like to go through airport screening, which I also haven't done in many years.


Another fun thing I did today was to look for clothes again -- at the Salvation Army 50% off Sale Day (every Wednesday).  It is almost my most favorite thing to do.  I was tempted to spend a lot more than the $9.75 I had brought with me...but, I am glad to report, I put the extra things away and kept the most important treasures I found.  I am especially fond of a wood  office thing I found that has 31 separate sections for the days of the month and two small drawers  at the bottom.  I LOVE IT!!!  :-)   It is something I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.  I wish I could spend more money, but I am working on my budgeting skills (discipline) so I need to get better at not spending money even if I have it with me.

I have to do as many of the chores and activities I need to get done on the days I purchase a bus pass for any reason.  Having to go to the courthouse required buying a bus pass, so I also went to the main USPS site downtown, and for the elusive restaurant supply store that use to be in that area somewhere, the one I can't remember the name of, and can't find in online searches.  On my way to the Salvation Army store I stopped at an Arby's so I could use my coupon for mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce as a treat for me.  If I was healthier, I would have done more, but that was enough for today.  I had to rest after I finally got home.


When I think about the future of Working Together, it is always currently linked to me.  It's life hinges on my ability to hire myself and others, to sell memberships, CORD listings, and other products for my own survival and for the survival of WT.  I don't know where GOD is taking either of us, but I know there are hidden reasons why GOD does what He does.  It looks like I have failed, but there is no failure with GOD...we just don't see all the things that are being accomplished.  It is like the years we spend in college.  If we look at them one at a time, it doesn't always seem like anything is happening, but years later we understand what was happening in those years.

The End Times will come whether I am alive or not, whether Working Together is built or not.  WT would help Christians as they encounter all the problems that are expected.  For whatever reasons, I haven't been able to gather the funds I kept trying to find.  Even in my ill-health and age, I continue to seek GOD and do my best to start the process...and to deal with the issues I have encountered on the way.  When I am gone, it won't matter about me anymore.  Those who live after me will have to find their own solutions to the crises ahead of us.

So, I better get to my twitter posts and keep trying.  :-)