Thursday, 10 SEP 2015 :: Shelter options are are poverty programs

I am always looking for great housing ideas, and have discovered some on Facebook posts and other places.

The original article I linked to from Facebook was about 10 editor design picks for cargo containers.  It is worth the effort to go to the site and browse the designs and try to reach the original articles for each one.  I remember seeing the one about a container being made into a small swimming pool.  I was amazed, then I thought what a great idea!
10 Houses Made from Shipping Containers, by Alexa Hotz 
Something on that page led me to another site --  the main page for a company that's been designing container dwellings since before 2003, I think... not really sure.  There weren't a lot of details, but there were prices and more designs.  I think the design numbers reflect the square footage of the house, but I didn't really verify that.

For a unit under $20K, follow this link...

I have found other low-cost housing options, including a small house made out of 100 wood pallets, and the Tiny Home movement, and the $20K House at Auburn University's Rural Studio program.  I first heard about cargo containers being used as housing when we had our soldiers living in them in the Middle East interventions.  Couples were able to be together because they were available.

Another post I followed the link to was a Fast Company article on the effects of giving poor people CASH instead of forcing them to go through programs.  It is worth the time to read... really a great idea.  I am aware of the lending programs that are growing, but this is different.

I am glad it is the weekend, even though I have a lot to do.

I bought a really cheap little video recorder/camera thing at Walmart and I am going to try it out.  I want to learn how to make and edit and upload video to YouTube and Facebook and other online places.  I have never been able to afford a real camera system, but I recently discovered these little models when I was at their catalog pages looking for camera prices.  One of the comments at the model I planned to buy was a father saying he bought one for his son and his son loved it.  The one I bought because the other one wasn't available is more unknown, but it was at the catalog page, too. It is so inexpensive I don't consider it a dangerous investment.  :-)  I am considering this purchase an investment in education -- I will be using it to learn the process.  I still want to get a GoPro camera system or systems, and then an industry-level system for making documentaries.

All of these plans depend on how long GOD lets me live... remember that!  :-)

Enjoy your weekend... I am hoping to enter more listings at my Etsy and Fiverr shops ( has the video option for gigs -  that will be fun!) over the weekend and through next week.

Keep checking in to see how I do  :-)