17 DEC 2014 :: Holiday prep and Planning for 2015

What a long day...  I almost took a nap several times, but trudge along. 

I was finally able to make some more of Martha Stewart's Hot Cocoa Mix. This time I used dark chocolate powder and made a full double batch.  It should last me a long time... and I can still share some as a gift if I decide to.  :-)

I also had to make a double batch of fudge, instead of the single batch I wanted to make. I couldn't find the right size pan, so I used a huge spaghetti making pan.  One batch would have been so small, it would have burned, I think.  So I went ahead and made all my fudge for the season at one time.  :-)

As a double batch, and cooking without the candy thermometer, I had to guess at the cooking time.  For one batch, it said to cook for 4 minutes at a full boil on medium heat. When I got the mixture up to a boil, I wasn't sure it was a "full rolling boil" and didn't know if I should boil it for 4 minutes, 8 minutes, or some number in-between. Double batches are different.  Some things get doubled, some don't.  Cooking time doesn't always get doubled. 

I estimated a random time.  It is soft fudge, like I enjoy, but might be too soft for some.  :-)

Everything is a learning experience.  :-)

That was enough holiday food activity for me!   Tomorrow I will see if I can make the granola I need for breakfasts, and something holiday. 

While I was doing all the holiday foods, I was also doing things in my room, in my mind, and in my plans.  I live in one small bedroom so I need to move things around a lot.  In that ongoing activity, I sort and re-sort notes and records I have made for different projects I have "in process."  It is slowly getting organized, but I continue to pray for GOD's provisions for my larger needs. Hopefully, I will be able to create and photograph and list and store the items I want to sell during 2015, including memberships with Working Together.  PayPal links are high on my to-do list now.  Not much time left for the change to 2015.

I find it strange that not one response has come in response to my efforts all these years. Not even a question.  I can see and hear reactions about the topics I raise, but no responses from the Christian community.  I have to wonder why, but I am trusting that GOD knows the details and will deal with it at the appropriate time.  It is a challenge to wait for GOD, but I believe that His Judgments will be the most appropriate.

Lately I have heard a few sermons about the topic of sin and repentance and forgiveness and judgment. One sermon kind of mentioned the thing I also noticed about GOD with David's sin with Bathsheba.  GOD waited a long time for him to admit his sin and seek His forgiveness.  When David chose to ignore it, GOD sent the prophet to confront him.  I think our judgments are worse when we don't do what is right, when we don't admit our sin and seek forgiveness, when we don't repent.

I can't remember who else was mentioned in these sermons because this passage about David has always been a huge revelation to me about sin and judgment.  It also defined, for me, the difference between killing in war and murder.  David only murdered one person in his entire life...  that was the husband of Bathsheba, to hide his sin. For committing this murder, the judgment was huge...I believe it was that violence would never leave his household.  At one point, I wondered if David cried about Absalom because he felt the problems were caused by his sin. 

In another sermon, by John MacArthur, I heard that this kind of judgment from GOD lasted for ten generations...but I have never heard that before.  There is a judgment against Eli that is stated to be forever.  We can see a lot of things in the Bible that GOD never meant, but our version isn't the one that matters. GOD will do what He says, not what we say.

When the Bible tells us to fear the Lord, it is a wise warning. If I have to choose between avenging myself and waiting for GOD to judge those who have wronged me, I try to "let it roll off like water" and give GOD time to be the Judge. It isn't always easy to do, but I focus on that response. I don't want GOD to have to judge me, too.

Please, continue to pray for me and for provisions for Working Together. I hear every ministry calling for end-of-the-year donations, and I just want to be able to start WT the way it should have been started in 1987.  Some situations are dire in my life...pray that GOD will provide ASAP.  Thanks.