16 FEB 2015 :: WT Review :: New blogging schedule

Within my huge limitations, I still try to find ways to achieve the goals I have for both WT and myself.  Creating a blogging schedule is part of my goal process.  I am not sure whether I will continue with just this blog, or continue with a variety of topical blogs that can be taken over by program employees later.  This is my first official week for trying out my new plan.

  • Mondays will be focused on what I called "WT Review" -- where I will explore different aspects of WT and try to keep readers informed about what is happening within WT and its mission. 
  • Tuesdays will be focused on "Basic Needs," which will include food, shelter, transportation, finances, and all the issues related to surviving as human beings. I  have secured a blog name of "Shelter for All," but I am not sure I will use it for this effort.
  • Wednesdays will be focused on "Prison" issues and will be linked with the Working Together program called INMATE PROJECT. You can read about some of the goals of this outreach program at the website. I am searching for the best blog name I can find for prison issues about inmates and their families, even though I have one that might be used.
  • Thursdays will be focused on "Political" issues that affect every aspect of Christian need and persecutions, including funding issues for charities, life issues like abortion, euthanasia, elder care, etc.  I haven't found any name for this blog topic yet.
  • Fridays will be focused on Craft and Income options.  This blog is being established separately.
All this may change as I find out if it will work within my situation.  We will find out together.  :-)  There are so many issues that have to fit into these limiting topics.  I don't believe a fixed schedule will work, and there isn't time to do more.

I worked out some of the revisions to my goal forms and will see how they work this week also.  I changed to a weekly record instead of a daily record.  This will take time to get use to... to decide what is most important to keep track of, what doesn't need to be watched... all on ONE form page!

When I see Facebook and Twitter posts about GOD, about poverty, about issues that affect the Body of Christ, I am often moved to share some of the things no one wants to talk about.

Why do I even care?   I guess I know what suffering is, and what poverty brings with it.  I don't think the people I have met in American churches have any idea how devastating it can be to be the one without resources... or what it is like to seek survival resources in either large or small communities...  or how the destruction of the family, the collapse of the economy, and the effects of technology on our lives will change the things we have relied on in the past.  There are doctrinal differences that seem impossible to have conversations about and which keep us apart and suffering and wasting what little we have.  Changes in our world are creating unexpected events and persecution.  We are not ready for them.

These hard times are required to happen to fulfill the prophecies about the End Times, but it is hard to be the generation that is living through them.  :-(   No one wants to believe it is even happening, how can we prepare?  How can we gather together and make sure our resources are protected and used to help the ones who love GOD, who believe in Christ, or who are still in the searching process on their way to heaven? 

Most of the people in our churches have no idea how to survive in a cashless, Mark of the Beast, hateful society.  I have been trying to make a place they can turn to.