17 FEB 2015 :: BASIC NEEDS

Here we are --- it's Tuesday of my first scheduled blogs... and I have already made some changes.  :-)

I was working on my record forms all day... and in the process I created a more detailed schedule for my blog topics.  Under this category (Basic Needs) I will include Food, Farming, Income issues, and shelter issues.  Plus anything that seems to apply to basic survival needs for Christians. It was such a long day, I forgot what I wanted to focus on today as my topic! 

What are basic survival needs?  I have been thinking about this for some time... especially all those times when I was homeless, struggling to make it through another day, looking for some church or charity or person to help, etc.  We don't really think about it until we don't have anything.

I keep hearing about the Republican desire to end Food Stamps for the needy.  That is a pretty foolish move in my view... the one program that needs to be protected and provided for is the food intervention program.  People who are starving don't really care about the law...they want something to eat... and if they have families to feed, the urgency overcomes normal decisions.

When you think about emergencies, you might assume your church would be sure to help you.  If you have supported the Mission, the Salvation Army, the church benevolence program, neighbors, family members, etc., you might think it is just a simple task to ask for and get the help you will need.  It doesn't always work that way.  Sometime you get help the first time, but when it becomes an ongoing issue, everyone goes away and you are left to fend for yourself.

Then you have to turn to the government... and that is food stamps.  They are the difference between a society overrun by hungry citizens willing to commit crimes to survive and people who budget and get through each month the best they can.  I have said it before, people can make do without a house if they have to, but they can't do without food.

If you have to set a priority system in place, what would be the most urgent needs you would have? Those are probably the basic needs of all men - things like food, shelter, utilities, and a way to provide for your ongoing necessities.  If you aren't able to work, you will need a permanent source of support to help you

Remember, the Bible tells us that families and societies will become unloving and turn against one another in the End Times.  Families won't be there, neither will the government in time.  We need to create a way for Christians to survive the downward trend that is already happening.

What would you create?   

I created Working Together.