30 MAR 2015 :: The importance of food

Before doing anything else... I want to enter my blog post.  The computer I use is having problems and I have no idea how to fix these things. I have been praying for the equipment I need... you can pray, too, if you want.   :-)   LOTS of needs... don't confine your prayers to a complete computing system and mobile equipment.  :-)

Been a busy day in the kitchen today.  I used up my ripe bananas by making banana bread, and also made sandwich bread using the tomato paste I needed to use up.  It became tomato/basil/sunflower seed bread.  My first loaf with tomato and basil.  Not bad. The new glass pan I have is changing the process a bit..it cooks at a lower temperature, but it also needs longer times.  I forgot about that.

Yesterday I make a granola recipe from a book I found at the Salvation Army Sale. This one is from the 1980's and promotes healthy eating as a path to recovery. I haven't tasted it yet, but it cooked up nice.  Made a huge batch.  I will need to get a larger container for the next batch.  It is a great recipe, with things I don't normally use. This recipe has sesame seeds in it.  The name of the book is :: Eating Right to Live Sober (Katherine Ketcham and L. Ann Mueller, MD). Now that I have the book in front of me, it was published in 1983.

I think diet is very critical to addiction recovery and maintenance. We have lots of foods with alcohol in them and we don't realize we are consuming the alcohol.  We don't know what the body of the addict craves in alcohol, but many assume it is whatever makes them drunk or high.  It may be something else in alcohol that is a trigger for the addict.

I remember when I was just beginning to learn about vegans. I heard or read somewhere that their body becomes so cleansed of meat/animal foods that it will make them physically ill to eat those products, even if unknown to them. This same unknown effect that a vegan's body experiences with meat and/or dairy products can also happen to addicts. 

This is why our food supplies are so crucial.  Anything that gets into the food supplies ends up in our bodies, and affects us. It affects the young and the old more.

I have also been organizing my craft supplies and getting things ready to put together.  Finally.  It has been a long haul, trying to work out the details. It isn't done yet, but it is a lot farther along, and will not take long to catch up with my goals once I get going.  I am looking forward to sharing my efforts with my various audiences.  :-)

This will have to do for today.  Look for changes this week... I think it will be a great effort and all begin to have a final form by the end of the year.  My BIG goal is the Christmas selling season...which I will begin in September. I am still not sure how much inventory I need for that event, but I am working on it.

In Christ,